Gooder Supply Terms of Sale Policy

In the event of a chargeback or bounce check, Gooder Supply reserves the right to seek full payment in the form of cash for the balance owed plus any service fees. All installed product will be deemed acceptable and approved by the buyer and will not be allowed an exchange/refund under any circumstances. All payments are due upon completion of order and prior to any scheduled pick-ups. Customer agrees to pay service charges at a rate of 1.5%/mo(18% APR) on all past due amounts & to pay all costs of collection, including but not limited to, collection fees and attorney fees. All items need to be picked up within 1 weeks of arrival or scheduled pick up date. Items stored longer than 2 weeks will be subjected to a $50/day storage fee. Gooder Supply reserves the right to return unpicked up items to their respective manufacture if stored past 1 month.